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The Sanding Mop

If you are a woodworker and you do any sanding on contoured edges or irregular surfaces, the "Sanding Mop" is the product for you!! This neat little product sands some of the hardest to get at spots. Great for wood moulding, raised panel doors, carvings, bowls, furniture, table legs, restoring antiques... When your option seems to be "I guess I'll have to sand it by hand", let the Sanding Mop do it for you and watch it leave the detail on your piece along with a beautiful finish!

This outstanding product is made from Klingspor's best stearate coated, extremely flexible sanding cloth. The gold coloured aluminum oxide abrasive grit is designed for metal or wood, stearate coated so it won't plug or heat up, and glued to a double woven Egyptian cloth for the best flexibility and the longest wear available.

Keep in mind that the sandpaper material used in these mops, also works great on metal. These mops work excellent when removing oxide and clear coat before buffing, while maintaining the detail of the piece.

Sanding Mop grits available are 80, 120, 180 ,220, & 320. When ordering 2 grits, keep in mind that the most popular combination is the 120 and 220 grit. They are a superior mixture for use on both hardwoods and softwoods. 120g for hardwood, and 220g for softwood.

80 grit - Very aggressive - for rough hardwood, furniture stripping, log home refinishing, patio furniture.

120 grit - Most popular grit for hardwood mouldings, panel doors, turnings, legs. Exceptional performance when used with stabilizers on routered edges.

180 grit - mainly used on MDF, poplar and other medium hardwoods. Excellent grit in production shops for pine.

220 grit - Our most popular finishing grit. Excellent performance on pine. Can be used with stabilizers for edges or with spacers for initial in between coat sanding.

320 grit - The most substantial time saver when used with spacers for finishing a project. It does all the in-between coat sanding on carvings and even on assembled raised panel doors. Excellent set up grit for polishers.
Sanding Mop Sanding Mop
4" Sanding Mop Kit         $25.00/each.
Includes 48 sanding strips, mandrel, 5 spacers and 2 stabilizers. Choose from 80, 120, 180, 220 or 320 grits.
4" Sanding Mop Variety Pack        $45.00/each.
This package includes two 4" Sanding Mop Kits of your choice of grits.
4" Sanding Mop Refill        $20.00/pkg.
48 piece
6" Sanding Mop Kit        $40.00/each
Includes 48 sanding strips, mandrel, 5 spacers and 2 stabilizers. Choose from 80, 120 , 180, 220 or 320 grits.
6" Sanding Mop Variety Pack        72.00/each.
This package includes two 6" Sanding Mop Kits of your choice of grits.
6" Sanding Mop Refill         $34.00/pkg
48 piece
Sanding Mop Mandrel        $7.00/each
1/4" drill or drill press mount with 1/2" diameter by 1" long shaft for stacking the sanding mop strips.
Sanding Mop Spacers        $2.00/each
Small washers to place between some of the sanding mop strips to create a softer mop. 5 pieces per package.