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Prices guaranteed to June 30, 2017. While quantities last!


Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 2.38.03 PM.png



Silicon HB

1/2” x .025” x 3TPI Hook


This blade has 3 to 4 times the blade life of a normal industrial carbon band. Made with tungsten silicon chrome alloy added to carbon steel. This gives the blade a harder tooth and the ability to withstand higher temperatures before they are effected by heat. Requires less tension to cut straight. Performs like a much wider blade using only half as much power; therefore, this is ideal for a saw with less than 1HP.


SALE 14¢ per inch

Coupon Code: 12x3SILHBSALE (followed by blade length)




Swedish Silicon Metal Cutting

1/2” x .025” x 18TPI


Your machine must run between 65 - 260 L.F.P.M. in order to use this blade. Regular price 20¢ per inch.


SALE 15¢ per inch

Coupon Code: 12x18SWEDSALE (followed by blade length)




Bi-Metal (Metal Cutting)

1/2” x .025” x 14TPI


Bi-Metal blades are manufactured from the finest matrix strip, electron beam welded onto a very tough and flexible backing material. The choice of matrix H.S.S. edge provides shock resistance required for interrupted cutting, such as bundle cutting and structural steels. Highest resistance to tooth chippage with a rugged backing providing long service life with vibration prone sawing. Regular price 40¢ per inch.


SALE 35¢ per inch

Coupon Code: 12x14BIMETSALE (followed by blade length)




Woodslicer Swift

3/4” x .025” x 3-4TPI


With a 3-4 variable pitch, this blade has the aggressiveness of a 3 tooth and a surface finish of a 4 tooth. It creates a quick, quiet and clean cut time after time. The bright finish reduces friction. This is a wood slicer blade (not for green wood). The Woodslicer Swift is a must try! Price below if for any length up to 150”. Regular price $36.00.


SALE $25.00

Coupon Code: 34SWIFTSALE (followed by blade length)





1” x .032” x 1.3TPI or 2TPI

Ripper37 Blade.jpg


Precision ground, hard tooth, ultimate performance bandsaw blades. 37% longer lasting. Fast, straight, precise cuts. Razor sharp teeth. Improved finish of sawn product. Regular price 22¢ per inch.


SALE 20¢ per inch

1.3TPI Coupon Code: 1x1.3RIP37SALE (followed by blade length)

2TPI Coupon Code: 1x2RIP37SALE (followed by blade length)




Carbon Millband

1 1/4” x .042” x 1.1TPI


This high quality carbon steel millband has large hook teeth and great chip clearance. Minimum 4 blades per order! Actual shipping charges will apply. The shipping rate is based on the actual weight and size of the parcel. Regular price 23¢ per inch.


SALE 16¢ per inch

Coupon Code: CARBMILLSALE (followed by blade length)




Rubber Tires

rubber tires.jpg


Worn or cracked rubber tires prevent proper blade tracking. Our replacement tires meet manufacturer's specifications for all 14” and 15” bandsaws. They have been made 30% smaller to assure a tight fit and easy installation, as they are not required to be glued to the wheel. Sold as a pair. Regular price $29.95.


SALE $24.95

Coupon Code: TIRESALE




2-1/2” Zero Clearance Table Insert 3pk

zero clearance copy.jpgzero clearance copy.jpgzero clearance copy.jpg


Made of special high density plastic designed to eliminate small pieces of wood from falling below the table and into the wheels. Also helps control the amount of sawdust that collects on top of the table and provides total support on both sides of the blade during cutting. Regular price $11.00.


SALE $9.95





Roller Guide System for 14” Bandsaws



7/8” shaft size. Bonus round phenolic guides (4pcs). Regular price $159.95.


SALE $129.95

Coupon Code: ROLLER78