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Radius Chart

R&D Bandsaws specializes in bandsaw blades made to order. Coilstock is available if you prefer to make your own blades (our Sure-Splice Kit will help make this job easier). For maximum strength and rigidity, we recommend using the widest bandsaw blade possible. For example, when cutting a curve with a 2" radius, a 3/8" blade would be the best choice (see Radius Selection Chart).


Blade Speed

The blade speed for cutting metal is much slower than the blade speed for cutting wood. Wood cutting blade speed is between 2000 and 4000 FPM. Non-ferrous metal cutting blade speed is between 700 and 1000 FPM. Metal cutting blade speed is between 85 and 200 FPM. To calculate blade speed: Motor RPM x Pulley divided by Upper Wheel Pulley x Wheel Diameter x 3.1416 divided by 12 = LFPM. You can also calculate blade speed by marking the wheel, turning the motor one revolution, measuring the distance from the mark and multiplying by the motor RPM.


Weld Guarantee

R&D Bandsaws guarantees the blade weld. If a blade breaks at the weld return it by mail to R&D Bandsaws and it will be repaired and returned at no charge. This guarantee does not apply to blades under 71" in length or 3-Wheel bandsaw blades.


How to Calculate Blade Price

Multiply the blade length by the price per inch. For the length, always round up to the closest half inch. For example when ordering a Carbon blade 93 1/2" long by 1/4" wide, multiply 93.5 x 14 (price per inch) for a total of $13.09. When ordering blades please indicate the type of machine (2 or 3 wheel), blade length, width, tooth style and TPI (teeth per inch).


For more information see "How to Order"